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Beautiful landscapes, rich culture, friendly neighbors – what’s not to love about Nashville, TN and surrounding areas like Brentwood and Franklin? Middle Tennessee is popular with families and young professionals alike, making it an excellent place to buy property. 

Whether you’re looking into buying your first piece of real estate or expanding a growing investment portfolio, Hinge Development’s experience and insight make us a valuable partner in the journey. Our real estate investment portfolio management services are fully customizable – we’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting just what you need, from buying a new piece of property to managing existing ones.

We’re ready when you are! Let us provide Real Estate Asset Management services for you.

How Can A Skilled Manager Strengthen Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio?

We all know that home buying is stressful, and if you’re buying property as part of an investment portfolio, the stress can multiply with every piece of real estate you add. Overseeing multiple properties while constantly monitoring ROI and the overall health of your portfolio is a full-time job, leaving you little time left over to focus on expansion.

Partnering with an experienced real estate portfolio manager can alleviate some of the stress, taking work off your plate while increasing efficiency and performance.

Even if you’ve been happy to handle your own portfolio management so far, finding the right real estate asset management company to work with can do wonders when it comes to protecting your investments and making sure your properties are working as hard as they could be to earn you money.

So, what does a real estate asset management company have to offer?

Local Market Knowledge

Real estate investors often talk about “the market” as a whole, but what many don’t realize is that markets change from one neighborhood to another, and sometimes even from one block to another. Often only locals will be able to spot important trends that affect real estate value, such as:

  • Many new businesses have opened up over the past few years: a sign that a neighborhood is up-and-coming
  • A new freeway was recently approved to be built nearby: which may cause values to decline

A local real estate asset management company like Hinge Development will have insider knowledge of the local market all around Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville.

Diversification Experience

Diversifying your investment portfolio is one of the most important things you can do as a real estate investor, giving you multiple sources of income as well as helping to offset some of the costs if one type of property doesn’t perform as well as you’d hoped.

A professional can help you find, purchase, and monetize an assortment of properties:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Vacation homes
  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Mixed-use properties

However, purchasing a single family home and finalizing a sale on a large commercial property are two very different animals, and it can help to have an experienced real estate professional to guide you through the process, including advising you on the best pieces of real estate for your needs.


Those who have been in the real estate game for a while are fully aware that it helps to know reliable professionals that can make buying, selling, and managing properties go as smoothly as possible. Working with a real estate portfolio manager who already has this list of contacts means that you don’t have to waste time and effort trying to find someone the next time you need:

  • Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Inspectors
  • Lenders
  • Attorneys
  • Marketers and photographers
  • Moving companies

Our team has built up an extensive network around greater Nashville, TN over the years, and we love connecting clients with these trusted professionals.

Real Estate Asset Management vs. Real Estate Portfolio Management

If you’ve been searching online for a real estate portfolio manager, you’ll probably have noticed that some companies use the term “real estate asset management,” while others use “real estate portfolio management.” What’s the difference between the two? 

Our higher-level investment portfolio management services also include the more hands-on aspects of asset management, so we use the terms interchangeably. Working with a Hinge Development real estate portfolio manager means gaining access to a team of professionals working with you to increase asset ROI and keep your investment portfolio healthy.

What Does a Real Estate Portfolio Manager Do?

Real estate is a great investment, but effective portfolio management without the help of a real estate asset management company is difficult. This is especially true of newer or first-time investors who may purchase their first investment property without fully understanding how much ongoing work it will require. But if you haven’t worked with a portfolio manager before, trying to figure out what they do can be confusing.

In short, a real estate portfolio manager handles every aspect of keeping your portfolio, and its assets, profitable. What exactly that entails will be up to you, but it can mean anything from property management to financial reporting, depending on your specific set of needs. A reputable real estate asset management company will work hard to understand what you’re looking for and set expectations upfront.

Below are a few of the main duties that our real estate portfolio managers perform for clients in Brentwood, Franklin, and Nashville, TN.

Property Management

Keeping track of multiple properties, especially if they’re rental units, can mean a never-ending cycle of tenant interaction, and contractor or maintenance scheduling. Property management services take the day-to-day burden off your shoulders, handling aspects like:

  • Finding and screening new tenants
  • Rent collection (including chasing down late payments)
  • Handling evictions
  • Hiring and scheduling contractors
  • Routine maintenance and repairs
  • Enforcing lease compliance
  • Filing property taxes

Keeping a property in good condition takes ongoing effort, and it’s a vital part of ensuring that your assets retain their value for the long term. Additionally, a good property management team will keep your tenants happy, decreasing turnover for consistent rental income.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation helps an investor create and maintain an investment portfolio that balances risk and reward depending on a number of factors that include risk tolerance and whether the investor prefers a longer or shorter investment timeframe.

An experienced portfolio manager will design an asset allocation strategy based on your individual goals and preferences, working to understand exactly what you’re looking to get out of your portfolio. The manager will also handle making adjustments as necessary by shifting available money from one property to another based on the needs and performance of each asset.

Risk Assessment

The risk-averse investors out there are always looking for ways to lower risk in a real estate portfolio, and real estate portfolio companies can help them do just that.

Advice from an experienced real estate professional can be indispensable when it comes to understanding the risk level associated with a piece of real estate. Knowing from the get-go which properties are riskier and which are safer is vital, as is performing constant risk adjustments.

No investment is a sure thing, but working with a skilled professional will go a long way towards making sure your portfolio’s ROI outweighs the risk of its properties.

Financial Management

Even the most hands-on real estate investors generally leave the financial management to someone else, and for good reason. Mishandling your investment portfolio’s finances can result in back taxes, fines, and sub-par ROI.

A well-rounded real estate portfolio management company will be able to help you with every aspect of your finances:

  • Assisting with property purchases, including finding lenders
  • Negotiating during sales and purchases to get you the best deal
  • Devising and implementing a budget and overall financial strategy
  • Performing financial reports and projections
  • Analyzing the value of various assets

Without proper financial management, a real estate portfolio can easily lose money or fail to recover as much as it should. Letting experienced professionals handle it is an easy way to save yourself stress now and headaches later.

Need Help With Your Real Estate Portfolio Management?

Real estate investors throughout greater Nashville, TN appreciate Hinge Development’s insider knowledge of local markets, vast network of real estate contacts, and staff of adept financial experts. But what makes us different from other real estate management companies in the area isn’t our decades of experience – it’s our friendly, personable team of dedicated real estate professionals that treat you like a neighbor.

If you’re a real estate newbie, we’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way. If you’ve already got an investment portfolio and need a real estate asset management company to take the care of multiple properties off your hands, we can help there too.

If you own or are planning to buy investment property in Brentwood, Franklin, or Nashville, TN, we would be happy to discuss your needs and develop a portfolio management plan that perfectly meets your needs. Contact us to get started today.

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