How to Have a Great 4th of July From Your Favorite Real Estate Company 

The 4th of July marks a monumental date for the country that many of us call home. On July 4th in 1776 our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence into action which gave us independence from Great Britain. From that moment forward our country began to write its own history and experience its own ups and downs. Every year, the 4th of July allows us to relax and remember all this country has been through, while also celebrating the freedoms granted to us that many others do not have. As we get closer to the 4th, conversations around commercial real estate brokerages and residential real estate companies begin to turn to people’s plans for this special day. The rest of this blog looks to give you some ideas on things you can do or add to your 4th of July celebrations. 

 The Traditional Celebrations: 

A common theme amongst the conversations in the office are about the traditional 4th of July activities. These include cookouts, lake days, pool days, and fireworks. All of which are staples on this day. These activities have been going on forever, and rightfully so. Who doesn’t love good food, family, friends, and great weather! So gather up your family and friends, cook some good food, enjoy the weather, blow some stuff up, and enjoy 

Family/Friend Run or Walk:

Another great idea is to participate in a run or walk. There are races all over on the 4th of July. For example, Nashville has the Music City 4th of July 5k. This activity creates a great opportunity for you and your family to fellowship, and be active. Just because it is a race does not mean you need to go crazy and try to be a speed racer, you can always walk. At the end of the day this is a great way to accomplish something with your loved ones, enjoy the great weather, and have fun!  

 Hot Chicken Festival:

About 15 years ago a tradition was started in Nashville that involves one of the greatest food products to come out of this city, Hot Chicken! The Hot Chicken Festival is every 4th of July and starts at noon and goes till 4. It is located in East Park and the address is 700 Woodland Street, Nashville, TN 37206. The event kicks off with a parade, after the conclusion of the parade the chicken eating, beer drinking, and amateur cooking contest begins. The first 500 people to enter get free samples. This event is a blast, and something everyone should experience at least once. 


Overall, no matter what you do this weekend, just make sure you enjoy yourself and remember the true meaning of this holiday. Celebrate our country’s independence, have fun with family and friends, and enjoy the good weather. As always, if you need anything from us, feel free to call. Our phone number is 615-794-1411. Happy 4th Everyone!!


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