How To Maximize Your Productivity 

In order to be successful in the real estate industry productivity is highly important. Before learning how to be productive one must understand what productivity means. According to the  Oxford Dictionary productivity is defined as, “the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input”. In other words productivity is the ability to maximize time, conserve energy, and still have a high output of work. In terms of real estate, or any job, productivity would be the ability to close deals, finish projects, and complete tasks in an energy efficient manner. To be productive is a learned skill, so allow the rest of this article to give you some tips on how to shift your mental framework in order to be more productive.


Think of your Day as a Bunch of Sprints and Not a Marathon

The first tip of being productive is to think of your day as a series of sprints and not a marathon. Our minds are incredibly powerful, and just like our body they can get tired. Rather than trying to push your mind through hours of continuous work, you should set guidelines and boundaries with integrated rest. Much like running sprints, you should develop a work to rest ratio. For example, for every hour you work you give yourself a ten minute rest. This rest will allow your mind to reset and refresh, which in return will allow you to produce higher quality work when you return. So rather than getting caught up on the quantity, or hours, you work, focus on the quality and give your mind little bits of time throughout the day to rest and recover.   


Prioritize Organization 

Looking at your day as a bunch of sprints seems easy in concept, but it is hard to actualize it and to take action on it. A great way to assist in your work schedule shift is by sitting down and planning your day out. While planning your day you should be extra precise and detailed. You should include the tasks you will accomplish as well as how long you will work on these tasks. The time you select for each task should be a strict deadline. For example, if you are wanting to contact other realtors about homes they are selling and you can only afford to spend 30 minutes on it, then you should not go a minute over those 30 minutes. This strict deadline pushes you to maximize your time and creates a natural mental opposition to allowing yourself to be distracted. With that said, still don’t forget to schedule in your rest time. For example, after thirty minutes of productively calling other realtors, schedule a quick five minute break to let your mind rest and recover for the next work task. This method works really well because it lays out the framework of what you will do during each hour of a work day while also ensuring that you get your mental rest. Overall, a great way for commercial real estate brokers and realtors for residential real estate companies to maximize productivity is through intentionally and precisely planning out their work days, with strict deadlines, while still integrating rest times.


Overall, productivity is a huge factor in having success in whatever field, task, or skill you are practicing. This article looked to give you some quick tips on how to maximize your productivity. We here at Hinge Development and Realty pride ourselves on our ability to be productive and get deals done. We value your time and want your real estate experience to be smooth and effortless. If you are looking for a productive, results driven, and client focussed group of individuals give us a call. Our phone number is 615-794-1411. 


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