Over the years, sustainability and recycling has gained a lot of traction and importance within society. So many people and companies are contributing to this effort. There are tons of methods and practices to positively contribute to this effort, but ultimately, how you participate is totally up to you! 

You may choose to recycle by participating in your neighborhood waste and recycling program. Or maybe you visit your local recycling center when you have time on the weekends. Perhaps you participate in other creative ways, like writing/printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. Maybe you use reusable lunch containers and water bottles. We can all get creative when it comes to recycling! All that matters is that we are being cognizant of our waste footprint.  

Just like individuals, major corporations are taking a stance on the recycling effort and doing their part in the movement. The beauty retailer ULTA partnered with a circular shopping platform Loop to develop an online site and system for consumers to order products in durable, reusable packaging. Loop has already had success in Canada with large companies like Burger King and Tim Hortons where they created reusable and environmentally friendly methods for packaging fast food. Through partnering with ULTA, Loop will make the jump to the U.S market. This partnership will ensure that customers can return products for refill and reuse. While also preventing the filling of landfills with large amounts of packaging. This innovative change in business practice is one of the first to be seen in the cosmetic industry. It will be interesting to follow the success of this partnership and see how it changes the norms within this industry.  

With all of that said, this new method is very interesting and intriguing. If you want to try out this new method, you can now shop online at loopbyulta.com for beauty and personal care products. Go check it out!


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